About EW music

In EW music there are elements of art&progressive rock, psychedelic electronics, folk vocal motive, and even power metal. The band released two studio albums (The Door To a Parallel World – MALS, 2008 and So Far And So Near – MALS, 2011), which got high estimates of music critics. Compositions of EW were also released in compilations including two compilations of electronic music produced by Artemy Artemiev (2001, 2003). There is also fully ready, including artwork, unreleased album in the genre of electroacoustic experiment with melodic motives. Today a new studio album is being recorded, which comprises both recently created tracks and compositions written in the end of 90-s.

EW music is rather diversified, from ballad songs to long instrumentals, from rock guitar motives and rhythms to heavy keyboard-computer experiments.

Texts of EW songs are in English. It began from interest in English language and English culture in school, and then it simply became a tradition.

Each piece is the reflection of fantasies of mind, or impression from the surrounding reality, or combination of both.

The basis of every composition is always some definite thought or state of mind. In course of time the prevailing thoughts and spirits changed, and therefore the main themes of EW creative activity changed also. But of course there is no any sharp distinction between the periods, and sometimes themes untouched for a span of time awake again.

In some periods the central theme of the EW pieces was the profound chaos of the human soul having learned by itself what is the Pink Floyd Wall, misunderstanding and rejection against which seldom arising feelings break, tormenting and frozen. The inner world of the one broken by the refinement of cruelty with which life sneers at his despair. Pictures of despondency and devastation of mind intermittent with echoes of suffered shocks…

Another theme of EW songs was the refracted with the prism of mind laws of society, a theme of survival of an individual under the severe pressure of this society, a theme of absurd world and the existance of the human being in this world. Sometimes it turned into half-fantastic stories combining real and unreal images.

Thoughts contained in songs are often turned to space, piercing absolute cold, crossed by thousands of energy streams and impersonating eternal wisdom and absolute states…

In these latter days the tension, for a long time felt practically in all pieces, has passed, because with the lapse of time there came the internal peace and tranquillity, and just a grain of sadness has remained from the emotions of the past… And of course this fact has influenced the creative activity.

Generally, it is possible perhaps to say that the music of EW is about Joy and Sadness, Life and Death, about infinite Space, Eternity, Beauty of the human soul and distant stars, about marvellous worlds which passed away untimely, where reality and fantasy merge into a single whole…