About the band

The project “Eternal Wanderers” is a long story which began in 1997 when two sisters Tatyana Kanevskaya and Elena Kanevskaya from Sergiev Posad having written some songs decided to organize a rock band. Then there were periods of performing with a guitarist Vladimir Panov, when Tatyana and Elena performed whit seqencer rhythm section, and periods of leaving the stage and playing only in studio. In 2006 EW at last a true rock band, and since 2007 the members of the band haven’t changed anymore, except that in 2012 the fluitist Dmitry Drogunov who created also unique voice effects left the band.

Now Eternal Wanderers are:
Elena Kanevskaya – vocals, keyboards
Tatyana Kanevskaya – guitar, back vocals
Dmitry Shtatnov – bass guitar, back vocals
Sergey Rigulya – drums.

EW have participated in some festivals including Kosmofest, Empty Hills, InProg, Guitar Player Party, Progday, Progressiya, Art-Aura.

JAZ_4966_Lena_145_200Elena Kanevskaya – vocals, keyboards.

Musical education: musical school, the rock college “Krasny Khimik” , individual trainings and self-education. Elena is very much obliged to a jazz pianist and at the same time an distinguished electronic music composer Odyssey Bogussevich, outstanding singers Natalia Knyazhinskaya and Ekaterina Belobrova.

Musical preferences:
traditional electronic music and electroacoustic experiment, some representatives of RIO, art and progressive rock, psychedelic rock and avangard classic music (Pink Floyd, ELP, Tangerine Dream, Eloy, Bernd Kistenmacher, Артемий Артемьев, Zoar etc.).

JAZ_4950_Tanya_145_200Tatyana Kanevskaya – guitar, back vocals.

Musical education: musical school, the rock college “Krasny Khimik” , individual trainings and self-education. Special respect to a very cool guitarist Alexander Kuteynikov!

Musical preferences are generally the same as Elena’s. Among guitarists may be named Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Steve Howe. The most favourie guitarist is Steve Morse .

JAZ_4996_Dima_145_200Dmitry Shtatnov – bass guitar, back vocals.

Musical education: musical school and self-education. Besides EW, Dima is the founder and leader of art rock band Quorum which now also performes cover versions of classic progressive rock songs with the singer N. Arutyunov. Dima also is a bass guitarist of an instrumental rock band Seagall.

Musical preferences: British classic rock including progressive rock (Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis and other famous bands), electronic and experimental music (Klaus Schulze, Wendy Carlos, Stretta, Martynov, Jerobeam Fenderson etc.), indie rock (OK Go, Roadgeek), classic and orchestral music (E.Grig and other composeres of romantism, classic and orchestral music othe 20th century: Prokofiev, Schnittke, Nyman, Glass, Goldsmith, Zimmer etc.)

Hobby: electronics, hardware programming, modular synths, computer games of the 80s, blogging.

JAZ_5010_Serega_145_200Sergey Rogulya – drums.

Musical education: individual trainings and self-education. Sergey also playes in the cover band Raising Hopes.

Musical preferences: Nightwish, Rammstein, Animal Jazz, Covenant, Enigma, Hacate, The Chemical Bros., Orgiya Pravednikov, Agata Kristi, Linda.

Hobby: tourism, painting, drawing, motorcycles.

Photo: Volkov Vladimir

The first demo-tape was recorded by means of four-channel multitrack taperecorder at the end of 1998. EW started performing concerts in Moscow clubs and at festivals. The most remarkable concert of this period became a solo concert with slide show in the conference hall of INEOS (The Hetero-Organic Compounds Institute) in December 2001.

In 2001 – 2005 EW released three compositions in compilation CDs: Electroshock Presents: Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music Vol. IX, Electroshock Presents: Electroacoustic Music Vol. VII and Following The Sun. The Compilation of Another Music . In this period EW didn’t play concerts (except a few concerts at home studio) and concentrated at creative activity and recordings.

In April 2006 EW formed a true full rock band, and since that time a new page in the story of the band began. After some months of rehearsals EW made a concert program with video clips. Video was made together with Georgy Belov (NomaD) who made slide-show in 2001. In December 2006 EW played the first concert with the new members of the band at Mezzo Forte club, Moscow. Since that time EW regulary play concerts, though not often .

On June 6th 2007 EW presented the first studio art-rock album The Door to a Parallel World.

Just after the presentation of The Door to a Parallel World EW’s drummer Sergey Alyamkin left the band. Sergey played in the band more than a year – since April 2006 and played a great part in the formation of the band.

Since 2009 EW have been participating in many festivals, including “In Prog-2009″ (Yaroslavl, Russia), “Zimnie Holmi (Winter Hills)-2011″ (Moscow), “Pustyie Holmi (Empty Hills)-2011″ (Kaluzhskaya region, Russia), “Kosmofest” 2010-2019 (Kaluzhskaya region, Moscow region, Russia), “Progday” (Moscow, 2013), “Progressiya” (Moscow, 2015, 2016), “Art-Aura” (Moscow, 2016, 2017).

In 2011 the second EW’s studio album So Far And So Near was released and was presented on September 14th 2011. At the same time was presented a music video for the song “Mounds”.

In 2012 the flutist Dmitry Drogunov who had been playing with EW since 2005 left the band. Dima, many thanks to you for your unique energetics, unfading optimism and of course for your musical ideas!

In 2016 the third EW’s studio album The Mystery Of The Cosmic Sorrow has been released. The album is a result of the 5-years endeavor, and it incarnates the fundamental idea of Eternal Wanderers’ creative activity. The music style of the album is the mix of art-psychedelic rock, electronics and sympho-electronic experiment. The presentation of the album was held on June 3rd 2016.

At the moment the band is working on the next album.

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