On July 16th Eternal Wanderers performed at Cosmofest open-air festival

The festival was held in the picturesque place in the suburb of Gagarin town near Yauza reservoir in Smolensk region, Russia. EW played 6 songs as a duet of Elena Kanevskaya and Dmitry Shtatnov. Dmitry played acoustic guitar at “Valley Of Oblivion” and “Space”. We much enjoined playing “Following A Neutrino’s Flight” with slide guitar, e-bow and spacial effects. Then came a surprise – introducing a new song arranged with pads and sitar. “Invested With Mystery” is a song about eternal and transient things written 20 years ago. We’re going to record it for the new album. The next song Dima accompanied on piano. As “Invested With Mystery”, this song had been prepared specially for the festival and was performed for the first time. It was a song called “Eternal Wanderer” written 20 years ago that actually gave rise to EW’s musical project. For “And I Will Follow” Dima again took an acoustic guitar and turned on a simple groove-box pattern.
We managed to record some video. Perhaps, the quality of video should have been better, but at any rate it’s a good memory of this maybe exclusive duet performance.

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