New song EXCELSIOR! – premiere on March 21,2022

Written a long time ago, inspired by the marvelous Henry W. Longfellow’s poem, the song ‘Excelsior!’ was arranged and recorded in August – December 2021 and mixed in 2022.
And we believe that times of disquiet and grief will pass and the one whose soul is aspiring heavenward will overcome and reach the heights with far clear skies, absolute splendor and blessedness. ‘Higher, onward and upward’, this is the translation of the word ‘excelsior’ from Latin.

The song is presented in two versions – the English version with the original poem and the Russian version translated by Elena Kanevskaya.

Written and arranged by Elena Kanevskaya
Words by Henry W. Longfellow
Performed by:
Elena Kanevskaya: vocal, keyboards, recorder, kalimba
Tatyana Kanevskaya: acoustic guitar
Mixed by Dmitry Shtatnov
Mastered by Fergal Davis
Illustration by Tatyana Kanevskaya
Produced by Elena Kanevskaya, Dmitry Shtatnov, Tatyana Kanevskaya