(words by Henry W. Longfellow)

The shades of night were falling fast,
As through an Alpine village passed
A youth, who bore, mid snow and ice,
A banner with the strange device,

His brow was sad; his eye beneath
Flashed like a falchion from its sheath,
And like a silver clarion rung
The accents of that unknown tongue,

In happy homes he saw the light
Of household fires gleam warm and bright;
Above, the spectral glaciers shone,
And from his lips escaped a groan,

“Try not the Pass!” the old man said;
“Dark lowers the tempest overhead,
The roaring torrent is deep and wide!”
And loud that clarion voice replied,

“O stay,” the maiden said, “and rest
Thy weary head upon this breast!”
A tear stood in his bright blue eye,
But still he answered, with a sigh,

“Beware the pine-tree’s withered branch!
Beware the awful avalanche!”
This was the peasant’s last Goodnight.
A voice replied, far up the height,

At break of day, as heavenward
The pious monks of Saint Bernard
Uttered the oft-repeated prayer,
A voice cried through the startled air,

A traveler, by the faithful hound,
Half-buried in the snow was found,
Still grasping in his hand of ice
That banner with the strange device,

There in the twilight cold and gray,
Lifeless, but beautiful, he lay,
And from the sky, serene and far,
A voice fell, like a falling star,


Invested with Mystery (prologue)

Invested with mystery, covered with snow
A mountain stands,
Lapsed into silence all along
And plunged into a reverie
Contemplating the immense scenery
And following the sun in its way
Which brings the light and warmth,
And every fiber of life seems to awake.
The mountain contemplates the boundless world,
And the infinite flow of thoughts never stops
Like incessant time flow…

Eternal Wanderer

Her sole home is space,
She’s the cosmos queen,
The world is loneliness,
Her life is wandering.
She is going nowhere
Yielding to the distant call.
Death will never come,
She’ll be always young,
She will roam all along.

She will forever be
The eternal wanderer.

Pure and lonely
At eternal night
She has only
The feeling of delight
With rise and death of worlds,
With the flying comets song,
Death will never come,
She’ll be always young,
She will roam all along.

She will forever be
The eternal wanderer.

One day she’ll come near
A planet with life’s gift,
Where she will hear
A call that will make seethe
Something in her soul
That will prompt her to rush there,
But this ardent soul
Will run into the wall,
To surmount it she won’t dare.

Since then her life will be
Eternal suffering,
Nothing but memories
Will remain within
About that passionate call
That in cold space she’ll never hear,
Sometimes she’ll turn round,
But will go farther
For millions years.

Death will never come,
She’ll be always young,
She will roam all along.

She will forever be
The eternal wanderer.


Like all living things space is subject to changes
Bizarre transformations will go on for ages,
Huge galaxies will collide, new worlds will be born
Long after we’ve gone.
And a new star will light up an alien world,
Under fresh drops of rain strange flowers will unfold,
Someone’s deep piercing eyes will behold a new dawn
Long after we’ve gone.


From the heart of nebula,
From remotest corners of galaxy
From recesses of far constellations
You will come.

Over the mountains,
Over lava colliding with ocean
Over canyons and huge stone pillars
You will fly.

Having cleft space distortion
And celestial spheres
You will play with the lights on the pole,
To the lake of my sadness,
To the precipice of years,
To diffused light of dawn
You will fall.

Deep in my memories,
In ethereal tune in my fingers,
In subconscious disquiet in my soul
You will stay.

Having flashed in the darkness
You’ll disperse like a vision
In abyss of the infinite skies
And you’ll send me a message
With the cosmic emission
From the worlds where harmony lies…

A night’s piece of art,
A moment of revelation,
A guest in my dreams,
A bringer of prophesy.

I Wanna Give My Life for You

The fire of life has died inside
And there’s no future here for me,
The endless stray thoughts
Seized my mind
Demolishing my sanity.

The silent mask is on my face,
The light of passion is locked inside.
To stay here more there’s no sense,
No sense to lead a spirit’s life.

I wanna give my life for you…

I don’t need you to know me,
Don’t need your tears for my lost soul.
Just want your eyes deep like the sea
To shed pure light in this dark world.

I yearn for tears to fill my eyes,
Just like the desert waits for rain,
But there’s no answer from the skies,
My ardent prayer is in vain.

I wanna give my life for you…

I can’t be gone in depth of space!
To leave this world without a trace!
My fire of passion is too strong,
To death it never can belong!

I wanna give my life for you…

Chaos of Reason

Ending of the day,
Long deep shadows falling
Stations, city bustle fly behind,
Streets as if alive
Move in melancholy
To the black abyss of coming night.

When above the ruins
Restless wind is crying
And no borders lie
‘Mid the future and the past
Let there’ll come a sign
That there’s something never dying
And let my memories ever last.

Just another dream
Anxious and exciting,
Hardly trying to collect my thoughts.
Spilled wine, aching mind
Scattered sheets of writings
And tomorrow’s loop of same grey roads.

Don’t stop the night,
Don’t stop the moonbeams streaming,
Let no borders lie
‘Mid the future and the past

Send me just a sign
That this chain will have a meaning,
Let chaos of reason never last.

Ending of the day,
Streets as if alive,
Wind above the ruins,
Just another dream…

Homeless Soul

It’s cold here…
Oh, how it’s cold, dear me!
Relentless silence…
It all seems a bad dream…
Distorted sounds,
Ringing in my head
Cries of the doomed ones
Oh, they drive me mad!

The whirlwind of shapeless boulders
Running at tremendous speed
It’s all that is left of what was
The home of my hopes and dreams
The cobweb of scorched fissures
Where kids played, and life was serene
All is buried in the malicious
Mouths yawning in scathing grin

No friendly fire to warm me,
No place to get my breath
Homeless soul, thrown here
With no shelter left…

Please better kill me…
Strike the deathly blow!
Oh, they don’t hurt my body,
They just wound my soul

Please let me lose my reason
And memories become obscure
This void has become my prison
Its fetters forever to endure!

Through secret wormholes
And warped grid of spacetime
Through quasars and pulsars
Beating in silent rhyme
Burst to the Universe’ end
Following a neutrino’s flight
Searching again and again
The home that I’ll never find

No friendly fire to warm me,
No place to get my breath
Homeless soul, thrown here
With no shelter left…

Restless, oh always restless
Among this cold, death and stones!
I don’t believe that my world is lost!
I can’t be a homeless ghost all along!

Invested with Mystery

Invested with mystery,
Covered with snow
A mountain stands,
Lapsed into silence all along
And plunged into a reverie
Contemplating the immense scenery
And following the sun in its way
Which brings the light and warmth,
And every fiber of life seems to awake.

The mountain contemplates
The boundless world,
And the infinite flow of thoughts
Never stops
Like incessant time flow…

“Time is impartial, it passes implacably
Along the world
Taking with it civilizations
To the nonentity,
To cold and mysterious Oblivion’s vaults,
Disposing of death and rebirth,
Thinking it is all-mighty over
Everything in the Universe.

But I know life as light is eternal
In the world of transient
And passing things,
Some day, even when my planet dies
Life will spread its wings.

Beauty and love are still
In the dew of their youth
‘Cause in all the time I see
Pure souls that keep them
In their reveries.”

Invested with mystery,
Covered with snow
A mountain stands,
Lapsed into silence all along
And plunged into a reverie…


Intersection Of Parallels

The axiom of geometry says:
Line is infinite,
It has no beginning and no end.
Parallel lines never intersect.

Surface is infinite,
It has no beginning and no end.
Parallel surfaces never intersect.
Lines lying in parallel surfaces
Never intersect either.

World is infinite,
It has no sides, no beginning, and no end.
Parallel worlds never intersect.
Nothing comprised inside them
Intersects either.

Time is the point where parallels may intersect,
and may not.

Are the axioms of geometry really true in the Universe?

After millions years of wanderings
I’ll come to the point
Where parallels intersect,
Where time disappears,
Where space loses dimensions,
Where essence opens.
The point of the beginning
of the Universe,
of energy,
of consciousness…

The Great Burning And The Grinding Ice (instrumental)

Crying Into Hollow Spaces

I’m crying into hollow spaces,
And the shadow of grief sleeping deep
is creeping on me like a cloud,
I have come back again where once was my home,
To the world of my memories
which turned sullen and cold.

From the yawning black windows of an edifice
mighty and ancient
Now wrapped in a shroud of death and devastation
Turbulent unchecked streams of water rush out,
All the land is direfully flooded around.

The omnivorous water sways the sceptre
Over erstwhile opulent chambers,
It sneers and roars, collapses and smashes
In the pale ashen moonbeams streaming from heavens.

[Oh, look, it is his ship! Hail! Hail!
At last you have returned. I was missing. Come, tell me, you’re sure to have been a welcome guest there. Why are you silent?.. But what is it? What is it?!]

Before this world is gone
I want to feel your hand again,
I want to see the candles burn
And to remind spring blossom
Before this world is gone.

Before this world is gone
I want to look in your eyes again
And hear the song well-known
And think of home so dear and warm
Before this world is gone –

And to the timeless void I’m sent to roam!


Ages have passed since in my soul settled
Void of cosmic abysses and incurable pain.
Doom has mercy to none and its judgements are callous
And there’s shapeless disorder
instead of woods washed by rain.

Slowly appear among sunk cathedrals
Bizarre freakish creatures of ominous races,
Where is blossom? Where is music ethereal?
I’m calling, I’m crying to hollow spaces…

Lamentation Among The Stars (instrumental)

Journey Out Of Time

I am a spirit
Wandering along interstellar space.
For how many ages I’ve been wandering
I don’t know,
It’s a journey out of time.

In my journey out of time
I’ll come to the point
Where parallels intersect,
I’ll see lost worlds
That were gone many thousands years ago,
Great burning, grinding ice,
I’ll hear fair voices that burst
Through the wailing of cold winds,
Roaring of all-powerful water
Rushing unchecked from ruined chambers…
And among the stars,
In cold hollow spaces
I’ll hear a voice from nowhere
Singing a lamentation
For all that was fair, and that is lost…
I’ll go on and on, eternally…

No-one will see what I have seen,
No-one will hear what I have heard.
The journey is not over,
It will never end,
For it’s a journey out of time.

(MALS, 2016)

Message From Space

Welcome into the world
Where reality and fantasy merge into a single whole,
Where solitude is all-conquering, joy is enormous
And pain has no boundaries.
Come and reveal the mystery of the cosmic sorrow.
But having once done it
Your sanity will never return back to you.

Methane Rain

On the distant moon severe and strange
Equinox will mark the seasons’ change,
Weird storms will stir the frigid air,
Great discharge will play with cosmic glare
As dense clouds thicken over the deserted plain
Bursting in perfect wonder of the methane rain.

Wild wind’s frantic wailings pierce dark haze,
Thunderbolts resound through vast expanse,
Dried-up lakes and rivers quench their thirst,
But not one of a stranger whose way is lost
After long years of wandering in the arid plain
Only sharing his tears of sorrow with the methane rain.

Clouds will disperse, the air turn still,
Lifeless lakes and rivers will refill
Spring will pass and then fifteen long years
Desert will be left to crave for tears
To shed from the darkened heavens on the arid plain,
Pouring grief and subconscious sorrow with the methane rain.

Born To Suffer

Why do Heavens dispose so
Of the human beings’ lives,
Mark some people’s eyes with grain of pain?
Deep tranquillity inside,
Sudden joy and even happiness
Are transient — they come and pass again.

Only inside your heart
The wind howls in agony,
A grim voice whispers through the wind
A sentence that is a cross to bear for eternity.

What are you waiting for?
What are you hoping for?
What are you searching for?
Don’t you realize
That you are born to suffer?

And the flame begins to scorch,
The soul aches from icy water,
Just in thoughts you ask for someone’s help.
Deep repentance burns you down,
Life becomes so bitter, wearing you out
When the story comes to end.

Only inside your heart
The wind howls in agony,
A grim voice whispers through the wind
A sentence that is a cross to bear for eternity.

What are you waiting for?
What are you hoping for?
What are you searching for?
What are you striving for
When you are born to suffer?

What are you waiting for?
What are you hoping for?
What are you searching for?
Can’t you realize
That you are born to suffer?

The sun grows dim in heaven’s dome,
You’ll cry for years irretrievably gone.
Just sullen mountains and northern woods
Will bless your sorrow and solitude
Of the one who is born to suffer…

Silent World

I close my eyes, and see the sky,
Satellites keep passing by,
Stars moving ‘round from east to west,
The Milky Way is lost behind the mountain crest.

Silence’s shrouded all the land,
Silence’s throbbing inside my head.
The wisps of wind are icy cold,
And I get lost in the silent world.

The life’s so transient and frail,
One day there’ll come the finish of the tale,
This bustle tomorrow may end,
You’ll even have no time to understand.

I woke up, the sky is lost,
The sun looms in grey smoke like a ghost,
Playground’s empty, highway’s still,
Before my eyes the misty vision starts to reel.

Silence’s shrouded all the land,
Silence’s throbbing inside my head.
The place where sounds of life had rolled
Has turned into the silent world.

Valley Of Oblivion

It’s the place that no one has seen
Surrounded with mountains
Steep and high rising up to the sky
Where of the life there is no sign.

And when it dews with the rise of dawn
In the rest of the living world
Since distant centuries here the land
Is always barren, morose and sad…

Nobody has ever seen
This valley of oblivion
Lost in the mountains
Which cold minds
Have erected since the ancient times…

So many souls lived among us
Of whom there was such a fuss,
But their star has set once and for all
And passed out of mind of ungrateful world

All their sufferings and all their light
They gave not asking a refund.
Some of them are still alive
But are defunct in the world’s eye…

Lost inside this lifeless place
They suffer their loneliness
Expecting not one day to find
The one who’d lift the weight off their mind,

Who’d crash the fetters, who’d give the hand
To release at least one of them
And only silence remains their mate
Eternally sharing their fate…


Following A Neutrino’s Flight

Following a neutrino’s flight
My spirit will travel along
Faster than the speed of light
In micro- and macro world

Passing through matter unnoticed
Streaming in cosmic rays
Unaffected by arising disturbances
Undetected by any piercing gaze.

Bursting away from the core
Of supernova explosion
Into the intergalactic void
Doomed to perpetual motion.

To the distances beyond reckoning,
Perceiving the new knowing
To the places of joy inexpressible,
And of sorrow inconceivable.


Space is my friend,
Space is my passion,
In space there’s no end
And no direction,
Space is my life,
Space is my home,
To space I aspire,
To space I belong.

In space are my thoughts,
In space is my heart,
I’ve given it my soul,
I’m always its part.
In space I am free,
Space is my castle,
Perfectly dark
And perfectly marvellous.

Space does not reject me,
Takes me with all my drawbacks,
Forgiving me all sins
And listening to my sorrows,
Sharing my joy,
Telling the truth
Of the life’s goals,
The essence of death.

In space there’s no death,
Space is my grave,
In space there’s no dirt,
In space I am safe.
Space is wise,
Space is fair,
I hear the call of the stars
And I aspire there,
And I aspire there…

(MALS, 2011)

And The World Will Be

In the dark chasm of timeless night,
In the fathomless depths of Mind
There’ll arise the celestial song,
And Undying Flame will burn.

Into the garlands of stars it will burst,
Far and wide music will disperse,
And from the Vision of Spirits unseen
There will appear the place of Dream.

And the World will Be…

Mountains kingly and high will rise
Under never-ending skies,
Waves in mighty seas will heave,
Dark green woods will sadly breathe.

And when their blissful home is wrought
Children of inmost celestial Thought
Will dwell here, and serene and fair
Will be their songs in the fresh sea air.

And the World will Be…

And in every deep recess
There will live the Music blessed,
Crying sadly in the shower,
Sighing in the evening hour,

Woven in light of innumerable stars,
Fading in whispers of rustling grass,
Deeper than depths of the roaring sea,
Higher than skies where the wind’s flying free.

And the World will Be…


In the distant land
Sullen mounds stand.
Sad are their tales
Of the dark and glorious days…

Once clouds closed the Sun,
Grim times had begun.
All were mustered for the war
To confront the deadly foe.

Death with eerie might
Waylays in the fight
Sternly it draws near
And stabs you with its hideous spear.

Falling down you make the stroke
Panting in the poisoned smoke,
Scorched lips whisper farewell,
The sight dissolves in the hazy veil.

How many ones so fair
Fell in battles of despair,
But still in the fading world
Their banners stand unfurled.

Time passed, and where blood had flown
Now sullen mounds have grown.
Raindrops washed the bloody stains,
But so far the grief remains.

Energy Of Light

Glorious cities
Crashed down to stones,
Leaving dead air with
Stray souls’ helpless groans;
Searchlights stand like giants
In the dark of night
Emitting cold
Surrealistic and lifeless
Energy of light.

A New Day Will Come

The light of old orange alien suns
Faded, and the realm of stars
Opened its mighty door.
But disturbed is the dark of space,
For there came relentless days
Of the reckless war.

In the endless cosmic night
Impetuous is your starship’s flight
Through energies unseen
With lightsaber in your hand
The might of Darkness you’d withstand
Never giving in.


And a new day will come
There’ll arise ancient sun,
Time of hatred and pain
Will be left behind
And the stars will behold
The awakening world
That will breath anew
And rejoice to Life and Light.

The core of things that no one knew
Has opened to your insight view
By cosmic mystery
Never has your heart denied
The truth that you could feel inside,
From which you wouldn’t flee.

Lost in thoughts you stand alone
Stars shining in heaven’s dome
So far, and so near
Flames light up your deep grey eyes
Fading in the dark of skies
Serene and clear.


Thread Of Love

In pitch darkness of the night
From the sky fell lurid light
In the tempest you stood still
With a wound that will not heal.

Though the roads you took be ever sad and wrong
You still have to live and try to carry on
In unceasing search for some illusive comfort.


Come, for a moment forget of your doom,
See, a ray broke out of the gloom and cold
To the fading world.
Now when it seems that all hope is lost
And your worn-out heart’s gonna burst in two
To the thread of love you hold.

And you damn yourself inside
Tears of grief you cannot hide.
Hellish power you would excel,
Strong and grim like doom itself.

In your life accursed by force severe and stern
Muster up your will and try to carry on
Though heavy be the steps of fate you hear.


Cherished dreams turn to dust
So, the final die is cast
Your eyes’ depth is dark and fair
As sere leaves fly in the air.

When in life accursed your mind is ruined and torn
And there’s nothing left for you to carry on
There’s no force that can bereave you of the choice.


And I Will Follow

Weary and silent
You stopped over deep in thought,
Bliss of the far land
Was just the song of old…
Flickering softly
Arose a frail blue star.
Hear the high wind groaning
And the dark waves roaring afar.

Lead through the gloom and fading,
Icy rocks cold and drear,
Where nothing more is waiting
But wells of sorrow,
Where the stars are shining
Over the roaring sea
And the forsaken quay
And I will follow.

Wraiths of the black days
Often would haunt your mind,
Dear wounded places
Were left long ago behind
When you departed
To find just more bitter end…
Still the world was turning,
Deathless fire burning beyond.

Lead through despair and tears,
Over the paths of stone,
Where beds of ancient rivers
Are drained and hollow.
Where lurking grief and memories
Turn to a marvellous song
Flowing in the rays of dawn
And I will follow.

Lead through the mist and doubt
Fissures and endless frost,
Whatever fate’s about to bring tomorrow.
Lead to the realm of missing
And let the gate out be closed
And time be lost
And I will follow,
And I will follow…

(MALS, 2008)

How Long I’d Been Facing The Dark

How long I’d been facing the dark
Till I met you
How long I’d been suffering your love
Till you left me
How long I’d been crying in the rain
Till the rainbow arrayed the sky
How long will I live on this earth
till it comes
Time to die.

How long I’d seen restless dreams
Till the sun rose
How long I’d been blinded with light
Till the stars opened
How long I’d been strangely quiet
Till at last I was struck by pain
And despair had been rending me
till I felt
Free again.


And the gates opened,
Mist of clouds hid me
As they melt I saw the star to lead me
Where the trees faded
Days of songs ended
Where just stray spirits of old will meet me.

How long I’d been climbing steep slopes
Till I made the halt
I’d been searching then long with my eyes
Till I knew where to look for my road.
How long I’d been trembling with cold
Till warm rays made flowers bloom
And the tune out of centuries past
Broke the gloom.


The Door To A Parallel World (instrumental)

Ride Without End

Wandering alone among rocks morose and sheer
Sullen forests, rivers and hills
His cloak is weather-stained, but his voice is strong and clear,
The power of a king it reveals.

Ride along, o Elendil’s heir!
Let the fresh wind take weariness away,
Your sword is sharp, your heart is fair,
Who knows where you’ll meet the coming day?

The horns call for a war, evil forces have awaken,
Torches light the blackness of night.
Sacred ties of friendship never will be shaken,
Helping in the desperate fight.

Just hold on, o Elendil’s heir!
Don’t give up hope, the dawn will soon arise!
Its first rays will play in your hair,
And kindle again the fire in your eyes.

Ride along, o Elendil’s heir!
Through joy and peril, world without end,
Out of time, no one guesses where,
A marvellous vision in the fading land.

Too Close To Heavens

Be it so! These endless heights,
Stern, attracting, covered with ice.
Luminous stars over vast crevasses
Cleaving cold like grave immortal glaciers.

What’s the practical sense and the goal?
It’s inside — this peremptory call.
One idea drives demented
Now sanity can’t be mended
at all.

Your soul flew away with the roamer-wind
When you broke down in your mad endeavour,
You eagered to be too close to Heavens
And you remained there for ever.

In solemnity of woeful dawns
There’s hidden deep silent mourn.
Rocks like idols — severe and dire —
Meet the soul aspiring higher.

Sudden fear — now lie on stones,
And fatigue — that spreads to the bones,
Strength drainage with fits of confusion
Facing live some dizzy illusion.

The aching heart stopped still like the sea after storm
When you lost control in your mad endeavour,
You eagered to be too close to Heavens
And you remained there for ever.

In the depth of skies you saw the light,
You felt off your head and cried “Oh, Savior!..”
You were too close to Heavens,
And you remained there for ever.

No Way Back

Ignition sequence started
All the engines grew alive
Gathering its highest speed
The grey starship rushed into the sky
Will I see you again someday,
Oh my good old mother Earth?
Will I breath your air again
And retrace the steps to the land of my birth?

Gravity gave way
At the escape velocity
And presently I’ll hail
The stupendous Sea of Eternity
Through mysterious dark substance
Past Mars and Saturn, into the void
My ship will flow in silence
Within the vast realm of absolute cold.

Nothing but deep sorrow
Is as true as the cosmic night
Nothing but thought’s flow
Can be faster than the flashing speed of light!

Nebulae’s bizarre forms
Will emerge before my eyes
I’ll behold the far worlds
Of great burning and grinding ice
Only of weird black holes
No human eye will see a sign,
Devouring all that comes too close
Catching light, and twisting space and time!

After years of wandering
I will comprehend one day
That there is no way back
To the place from whence I came

Never more…

For line of Time has broken,
And thousands years have gone…
And space will forever be
My home.

Visions Of The Lost World (instrumental)


Endless night spreads its wings around me
Thread of years is torn
On the shore of the starlit sea
I am standing alone
And behind me the land lies lifeless
Ruins of ages of rage
Veiled in deep silent sorrow of lost ancient realms
Mysterious and strange.

Waves are rolling with music restless
While old mountains stand calm
And I’m thinking of those blessed days
When the world was still young.
But to blind and delirious madness
Hatred opened the gate
When the dark chaos was pierced with cries of repent
It was too late.

But one day time will heal the old wounds
Of the land tired from pain
Slender saplings will break the stones
Flowers will bloom here again.
And lost cities will rise from ashes
Songs of light will revive,
And the dust will be swept from pages
And Death will yield to Life.

Sufferer’s Dreams

Through the mists of time
I will come to the distant shore
Of the lands that exist no more.

I will see the towers of the fallen kingdoms,
I’ll see water flow in the mountain rivers,
I’ll pass hidden valleys under cover of the starry skies,
Dark infinite starry skies…

And I’ll behold the light of the far stars shining,
I’ll hear restless winds crying,
I’ll go along the shore of the ancient sea
Deep boundless sea…
By the forsaken quay…
And the sea will sing its eternal song,
Its disquieting song…

The End Of Millennium

Time is flying with increasing celerity,
The world is hurrying somewhere in insanity,
Losing control over own deeds,
Balancing over the black abyss.

Radio screams of unrevealed crimes,
The wicked survives and the worthy on dies,
The same ones kill and the same ones lament,
The same ones restore what they’ve destroyed to the end.

It’s the end of Millennium…

In the blue train rushing underground
Everyone’s sitting with his eyes cast down,
With his mind full of nothing,
With deep hate to each other,
Reading senseless love stories,
Never seeing farther.

The heartless wheels of the heartless machine,
They’ve got nothing to say
And nothing to think,
They’ve got nothing to do
And nowhere to aspire,
Sumptuous meals and clothes is their only desire.

It’s the end of Millennium…

Intertraversion of computers and men,
Electronic music, electronic mail,
Virtual death and virtual life,
You can catch another whenever you like.

Virtual nature, virtual worlds,
Virtual feelings and virtual souls,
Virtual virus causes virtual disease
And the global problem puts the world down to knees.

It’s the end of Millennium…

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