Album SO FAR AND SO NEAR (2011)

So Far And So Near

ew_sfasn_cover_600Label: MALS
Year: 2011
Genre: art rock, progressive rock
Mixing: Ilya Dontsov
Mastering: Graham Goldman, Masterdisk

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Track list:

1. And The World Will Be
2. So Far And So Near
3. Mounds
4. Energy Of Light
5. As You Wish, I Care Not
6. A New Day Will Come
7. Thread Of Love
8. And I Will Follow

Sometimes dreams, visions, fantasy worlds, stars and galaxies seem closer than the human reality… This is the main idea of the composition “So Far And So Near”, and it has become the central idea of the Eternal Wanderers’ album of the same name.

The album contains 8 art/progressive/psychedelic rock compositions with total time 64 minutes. Many of them include the orchestral elements.
Within the central idea of the album the compositions touch such topics as the beginning of the World (“And The World Will Be”), beauty lost in wars of all times and sadness that remains (“Mounds”), thoughts about the Man and Fate (“Thread Of Love”), hardly amenable to reason energy of light (“Energy Of Light”).

The idea determines the mood of the music – from purely sad “And I Will Follow”, solemn “And The World Will Be” to expressive “Energy Of Light” and “As You Wish, I Care Not”.

Elena Kanevskaya: vocals, keyboards, samplers
Tatyana Kanevskaya: guitars, backing vocals, samplers
Dmitry Shtatnov: bass, backing vocals, theremin
Sergey Rogulya: drums, percussion
Dmitry Drogunov: flutes, voices

Sergey Nikonorov: drums at And The World Will Be, Thread Of Love, And I Will Follow
Leonid Semirukhin: trumpet
Mikhail Mirity: trombone
Anton Baltsevich: oboe
Anton Nikita: French horn
Georgy Mansurov: clarinet
Dmitry Shishkin: violin
Denis Pashchenko: violin
Dmitry Efimov: violin
Sergey Sivolgin: violin
Pavel Bezinsky: viola
Sergey Shavrin: viola
Alena Babakhodzhayeva: cello

Music and lyrics by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Produced by Elena Kanevskaya and Tatyana Kanevskaya
Mixed at Capitel Studio, Moscow by Ilya Dontsov
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York City by Graham Goldman
Photos by Irina Tchudakova
Cover art and design by Dima Filippov