GAME OF LIFE – here comes electropop!

Game of Life

Idea, music, lyrics, vocal- Tatyana Kanevskaya
Arrangement: Dmitry Shtatnov, Tatyana Kanevskaya
Mixing: Dmitry Shtatnov
Mastered by: Fergal Davis
Production: Tatiana Kanevskaya, Dmitry Shtatnov, Elena Kanevskaya
Camera: Denis Koturga
Video effects: Dmitry Shtatnov, Tatiana Kanevskaya
Figures of the game “Life”: Kostya Shtatnov, Zhenya Kanevsky, patterns in the public domain
Choreography: Impulse dance school, Mytishchi
Starring: Tatiana, Elena, Dmitry, Sergey
Video editing: Tatiana Kanevskaya

Have fun!

New song EXCELSIOR! – premiere on March 21,2022

Written a long time ago, inspired by the marvelous Henry W. Longfellow’s poem, the song ‘Excelsior!’ was arranged and recorded in August – December 2021 and mixed in 2022.
And we believe that times of disquiet and grief will pass and the one whose soul is aspiring heavenward will overcome and reach the heights with far clear skies, absolute splendor and blessedness. ‘Higher, onward and upward’, this is the translation of the word ‘excelsior’ from Latin.

The song is presented in two versions – the English version with the original poem and the Russian version translated by Elena Kanevskaya.

Written and arranged by Elena Kanevskaya
Words by Henry W. Longfellow
Performed by:
Elena Kanevskaya: vocal, keyboards, recorder, kalimba
Tatyana Kanevskaya: acoustic guitar
Mixed by Dmitry Shtatnov
Mastered by Fergal Davis
Illustration by Tatyana Kanevskaya
Produced by Elena Kanevskaya, Dmitry Shtatnov, Tatyana Kanevskaya

October 18, 2020 – EW in “Dom Kultury”

On Sunday, October 18, EW will perform in the art space of the music store “Dom Kultury”. The program is timed to the release of the album “Homeless Soul”, but we will play songs from previous albums as well. It will be a chamber event, with percussion for a drum kit. Perhaps we haven’t played like this yet. We are looking forward to meeting you, and we really want to believe that the pandemic will not prevent this!

Digital release of Eternal Wanderers’ album HOMELESS SOUL

The Eternal Wanderers’ new album HOMELESS SOUL is released! It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, GooglePlay, YouTube Music and other services.

The album represents the result of a three-year creative searching. One can find here both dynamic prog-rock and ethnic motives with sitar and djembe, jazz pulsation and symphonism, electronic soundscapes and powerful pop-rock. The story of the title song, echoing in some other tracks, is about a cataclysm that led to the destruction of the planet, with thousands of homeless souls thrown into cold, silent space without hope of ever finding shelter and peace.
The album includes a prologue and 9 tracks with a total duration of one hour.
Enjoy listening!

April 16th – release of the new EW’s album HOMELESS SOUL


Since the autumn Arkhangelsk adventure, EW have worked closely with the mixing of the album. And finally, by the end of February, the work was completed! But then there were problems which no one expected. The record label MALS, with which we have been working for many years, has announced the termination of its activity. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Mikhail Lanin for support, trust in us and our creative activity!

Given the current situation, we decided to release the album in digital format. The album called “Homeless Soul” (still symbolic!) will be available on April 16th on Bandcamp, as well as iTunes, GooglePlay and other streaming services. See more information here at EW’s official website, as well as at Instagram, VK and Facebook pages.