October 8 2017 – Kosmofest at the Museum of Cosmonautics

KOSMOFEST AT tCosmofest081017he MUSEUM of COSMONAUTICS in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the great October Space Revolution!!!

60 years ago something happened that never was before. The rocket built by the human hands of people, overcoming the earth’s gravity, rushed into space, and then people heard sounds coming from the orbit. “PI-PI-PI-PI…” – sounded from the orbit. People clung to the radio, listening to the sky, young men were calling for girls to search for a moving star in the night sky (by the way, after such “satellite” nights families were created and even the children were born). Fathers urgently learned the constellations not to lose their credibility. And even in the distant Namib desert Bushmen cut a new petroglyph on the stones.

On October 8, Sunday, the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the space age will be celebrated in the Museum of Cosmonautics by the bands “Neboslov”, “Cape moon”, “Ieroglif”, “Eternal Wanderers”, “Aqualung”, “Port of Juky”, “Oxo and Invisible”, “Wind Ship”. In addition, at the festival will perform a number of poets with their poems of space: Svetlana Chernova, Anastasia Lukomsky, Olga Komissarova, Kristina Usova etc.



The experimental electronic album “Journey Out Of Time”


The Eternal Wanderers’ experimental album “Journey Out Of Time” is available free at bandcamp.
In addition to the tracks, there’s a lot of information on the concept of the album and each track, and in the bonus items you can find the entire artwork.

“Journey” has nothing to do with the progressive rock style rather it can be attributed to the electronics/ electroacoustics.
The album was recorded in 2004, revised in 2008, and mastered in 2009. Then the artwork for the CD was also made. But the album was never released.

The tracks of the album are united with the idea of a Spirit wandering in the interstellar space for uncounted years, through parallel worlds, past and future. In this journey the listener together with the Spirit ponders over the laws of space, witnesses different scenes of the lost worlds.
The concept of the album is the unison in diversity, the idea that life, in all its manifestations be it joy or grief, happiness or anxiety is but a fleeting glimpse in immense depths of space and time.

We decided not to position this album as a release-2017. The reason is that this is the work of a decade ago, made on the knowledge, the visions, the technical basis that was then. If now we set to work with those ideas, the sound would be different. There is no need to argue, would it be better or not, but it would be certainly different. The album is clearly not modern, and it should be taken as it is. But this is one of the most important facets of EW’s creative activity. So we decided that it’s enough already to hide it. Music lives only when listening.